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Finally! Wipe out old CD-R and DVDR discs. No breaking or shredding. 100% safe, promotes CD recycling.
SunZag LLC

SunZag is a product development company. We provide assistance in patent research, patent preparation, product prototyping, product testing, licensing vs. manufacturing, packaging, and online marketing. We have contacts in China if you decide to manufacture your product.

"Why Shred? Recycle Instead!"

The Compact Disc Eraser recently placed in the Top 30 out of 10,000 inventions on ABC American Inventor TV Show. This is a direct result of our proven approach to developing an idea into a marketable product that is poised for success out in the marketplace. There is simply no easier or safer way to destroy old CD-Rs and DVDRs. While other methods are destructive in nature, the Disc Eraser is the first and only device that securely destroys the data while leaving the disc intact, which promotes CD recycling. It is now available at

The Disc Eraser exemplifies our rapid prototyping and clever product design. We will work closely with you to bring you the best results!

Please bookmark us and visit us again for future products. Our team is committed to developing and bringing innovative data security products to the consumer market.

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